Cardinal Alliance Group

Risk Management Division

"It's not what your risks are, it's how you address them"
Risk is like fire: If controlled it will help you; if uncontrolled it will rise up and destroy you...
— Theodore Roosevelt
We subscribe to the idea that risk management is more about people than it is about technology; technology is meant to supplement, not replace.  
Whether you're an individual with a single residence, or you're the CFO of a National ballistics corporation, you're exposed to incredible risk, and for that reason, insurance exists. But what about for the liabilities that can be mitigated or reduced at your place of business? 
The C.A.G. Risk Management Division was designed and established by Cardinal Alliance Group by dedicated team-leaders who specialize in risk identification, assessment, reduction, and resiliency. Our team has acquired skills learned in Homeland Security and community-safety training, as well as through the insurance industry. Our members have worked amongst the world's largest insurance brokerages and have held positions in government directly responsible for risk management, mitigation, and safety. 
We provides technological, cyber/data, occupational, and comprehensive risk analysis.  Our consultation network includes security professionals, professional financial advisors, hardware and software technicians, and professionals throughout a vast array of disciplines, all with one goal in mind: assisting our clients in every way possible.
As an added service for our clients in the commercial sector, we offer a no-fee risk management consultation to evaluate potential safety hazards on the premises of your business.