Do you have a mega-yacht you hold dear to your heart? Or, maybe it's an eight-foot dingy, but to you, it's your yacht - and no one can take that away from you. We protect sailboats, whalers, pontoons, catamarans, and vessels of all shapes and sizes. Don't let a mishap ruin your fiberglass dream. Go Cardinal Alliance. 

Maybe you're more of the open-road type. Maybe you're the free spirit that adores hitting the interstates and travelling Route 66 to your heart's content, and to satisfy that desire, you spent $300,000 on a shiny RV. You don't mind that it takes a well-trained team of fifteen full-time detailers an entire work-week to wax and polish your 3-axle beauty, because you are a champion. A champion of the highway system. A champion of exploration. Don't let a falling tree-branch hurt your metal machine. Get coverage. Get it today. 

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