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As you research policies and the reputations of brokers and carriers on your search for the best-suited insurance for you, your family, and your business, you're likely going to notice a lot of conflicting information, and a lot of reel-you-in advertisements. While it's tempting to head to the local agency or a national carrier's website for plain-Jane stripped-out policy quotes available at the click-of-a-button, further investigation into the consideration of a brokerage is warranted should you require more than the "bare minimum." In some respects, locating insurance isn't much different than purchasing a home or car, as the transactions run somewhat similarly. There's a choice to choose the budget apartment and the econo-car, and there's the choice to live extravagantly with luxury and superb quality. As an informed consumer, you're going to search for the best fit, the best price, and the most reliable company. Cardinal Alliance is the all-access gateway to comprehensive, thorough policies uniquely characterized to our clients' individualized needs and wishes, attained at an affordable, cost-effective premium.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that across the nation, there are approximately 375,000 employees within the Insurance industry. Yes, three-hundred and seventy-five-thousand Insurance personnel. The competition is fierce, and while Cardinal Alliance Group prides itself on top-tier service, one-on-one client support, and a myriad of other features, we'd like you to know we're more than just a clever marketing scheme. Throughout our site, we're going to offer you objective information, a seamlessly transparent approach to the insurance market, and a blog and newsletter of the many scams and tricks to watch out for in the overcrowded industry that is Insurance.

Along the way, you're going to learn what distinguishes C.A.G. from the competition, but we can summarize it briefly with one response: Relationships. 

Unlike other brokerages, carriers, and agencies, Cardinal Alliance was created not by salesmen, but instead by professional Insurance underwriters, executive-level certification managers for globally-known brokerages, and Risk Management experts ranging from corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Directors to Homeland Security scholars and professionals. Many of our Directors held high-positions within other prominent brokerages, and collectively established C.A.G. to create an idealistic brokerage. 

Our founders sought to reduce corporate bureaucracy, and to eliminate the possibility of being "trapped" in the mess that is insurance claims. Together, they established the most cutting-edge Insurance firm, built upon character, trust, and personal relationshipsWhat does this mean for you? In short, it translates to an understanding and acknowledgement that we prioritize you, your family, and your business over all-else. As an added benefit, Cardinal Alliance Group strives to be an eco-friendly entity, and as such, we only print when absolutely imperative. For all other occasions, our files are stored in a secure intra-office network-database.

Should a negative event occur in your life or the lives of those for which whose policy you're responsible, the producers at Cardinal Alliance wish to be there for support and for assistance during the claim-filing process. We pride ourselves on our ability to connect with our clients on a one-to-one basis, and we value our clients' understanding of exactly what they're receiving, as well as the limitations of their policies. We never over-sell, nor do we under-sell, and we never subject our clients to long waiting-lines over the phone, nor delayed responses through e-mail correspondence. We treat our clients as humans, rather than as account numbers, and despite our national reach, we remain dedicated to the individual needs of our local clients. Whether you're searching for a policy for one as a sole-proprietary business owner, or you're the CFO of a trans-national corporation searching for company-wide policies, Cardinal Alliance has the resources and the skills to handle your situation with professionalism, courteous nature, and an unparalleled level of knowledge and expertise.

C.A.G. has over fifty years experience in the industry and is backed with a vast network of national carriers, as well as partner-brokers. This network collaborates with certified licensed underwriters (CLU's) and aggressively scans the market on a routine basis to determine the most-fitting policies for all of our clients' needs. We view individuals on an equal basis of importance as compared to corporate firms, and we never place one client's needs above another for our cumulative financial gain. At Cardinal Alliance, each of our policyholders are entitled to the same unparalleled degree of respect. Whether you represent an Educational institution or a military-contracting firm comparing surplus-lines coverage, C.A.G. is here for your benefit.

Cardinal Alliance Group is an Insurance Brokerage, not a carrier. Some might initially see a broker as unwarranted middlemen, yet in reality, C.A.G. is nothing of the sort. Our function is multi-faceted, but is also to ensure the largest companies bid for you, rather than 'against you,' and while many brokerages claim to do this (or even fulfill that claim), the relationship generally ends there. Should you need to file a claim, many brokerages simply direct you to a carrier, and should that carrier fail you and deny your claim, brokerages often remain apathetic. It's Cardinal Alliance's main objective and main priority to remain client-centric through every step of the way, and should you or a loved one have any questions prior or post-policy-attainment, we're happy to help.


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